Eating Local.

Know Your Farm. Know Your Food.

Eating local food means eating fresh food. These are some of the local farmers, fishermen, and purveyors that we use at Dockery's.

Vertical Roots: Growing Greens

Vertical Roots leafy greens

Here at Dockery's we pride ourselves in using only the best and freshest of ingredients, which is why we choose to serve Vertical Roots leafy greens, grown right outside our doors.

Founded locally in Charleston County, Vertical Roots farms leafy greens in repurposed shipping containers. Their greens are grown aeroponically in indoor, fully automated, vertical farms. Growing in a controlled environment allows them to produce crops year round, regardless of seasonal conditions, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other harsh chemicals.

Vertical Roots grows a variety of lettuces and leafy greens including red and green butter lettuce, red and green oak leaf lettuce, spring mixes, arugula, and more. Look for their name on our menu and find their produce at a local grocery store near you!

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Abundant Seafood

Abundant Seafood: Fish & Seafood

The son of a commercial fisherman, Mark Marhefka began fishing for a living the day after he graduated from high school in 1979. It wasn't long before Mark bought his own boat, the Fishing Vessel Amy Marie, and has spent the years fishing the waters of the southeast from North Carolina to Florida. Kerry grew up in Maine and has fishing in her blood. Prior to joining Mark to run Abundant Seafood, Kerry was a fishery biologist for the Federal Government working primarily on establishing marine protected areas (MPAs) off the southeast US coast.

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Burden Creek Dairy

Burden Creek Dairy: Goat Cheese

Chris Maher and Danny Sillivant took over Burden Creek Dairy in the spring of 2017. They have since been milking 30 good goats and one bad one twice a day to provide the finest dairy products. Maher, former cook at The Charleston Grill, is in charge of making the cheese and pasteurizing the milk while Sillivant, former real estate agent, tends to the goats.

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City Roots

City Roots : Mushrooms

Our products are grown naturally, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. Our products are USDA-Certified Organic and Certified SC Grown, ensuring our customers healthy, clean and locally grown food with peak flavor and freshness. We grow over 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and mushrooms, striving to provide a steady supply of fresh, seasonal produce for all of our customers. We also lease a warehouse adjacent to the farm where we house our mushroom operation, growing mainly different varieties of oyster mushrooms.

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Fili-West Farms

Fili-West Farms: Chickens & Eggs

Fili-West Farms is a small, family owned and operated, pasture-based farm in Vance, SC. We specialize in pasture-raised chicken, turkey and eggs. You can find us at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market every Tuesday from early April to early October (subject to change). For more information on our farming methods, products, prices, where to buy and more visit our website!

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Growfood Carolina

Growfood Carolina: Grits, Veggies, Cheese

The objective of GrowFood is to tap into the existing assets of small-scale agriculture to help create a stronger rural economy, spurring job creation, and building capacity in rural communities by connecting farm businesses to the thriving local food movement. The resurgence of small-scale agriculture presents a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the rural economy. Increased agricultural production leads to increased economic activity, and allows farmers to stay on their land for generations to come.

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Holy City Farms

Holy City Farms: Tomatoes

It is all about tomatoes here at Holy City Farms. We strive to grow only the best tomatoes to supply local restaurants and your kitchen here in the greater Charleston area. We do this in a way that is healthy to you and the environment. The simple rule is that if it doesn't taste good, then we won't grow it! What good is a tomato if it is pretty, round, red and tastes like cardboard? Many of our customers, both young and old, had no idea tomatoes could taste so good.

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Keegan-Filion Farm

Keegan-Filion Farm: Pork & Beef

Started in the mid 1930's by Annie Filion's great grandfather and grandfather, Keegan Farm was known as a corn, cotton, cattle and chicken farm. Annie's grandfather, John Andrew Keegan, had several thousand laying hens and sold fresh eggs out of the back of his pickup truck to local restaurants and residents. Later, Annie's father and uncles would raise cattle, corn, hay and hogs. The corn and hay fed the cows, the cows were sold at the local stockyard and the hogs were sold at the stockyards or used to feed the family.

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Spade & Clover Gardens

Spade & Clover Gardens: Peppers

Our farm is located on Johns Island, South Carolina. The semi-tropical climate lends itself to vegetables that thrive in countries on the same longitude lines. We look to our environment to dictate what we grow - from tomatoes, cucumbers and kale to more exotic produce such as turmeric, ginger and galangal. We cultivate using sustainable methods such as cover cropping, which returns valuable nutrients to the soil. We believe a farmer's mission is to grow with as little negative ecological impact as possible.

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Tarvin Seafood

Tarvin Seafood: Shrimp

Our shrimp trawlers - the Miss Paula and the Carolina Breeze are docked at the Wando Dock on Shem Creek, in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. Wando Shrimp was a long-time fish house, selling all manner of seafood. With Tarvin Seafood, we have chosen to focus on what the local boats bring in: shrimp and sometimes Our shrimp trawlers - the Miss Paula and the Carolina Breeze - are docked at the.Wando Dock on Shem Creek, in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. Wando Shrimp was a long-time fish house, selling all manner of seafood. With Tarvin Seafood, we have chosen to focus on what the local boats bring in: shrimp and sometimes whiting or squid. We can usually make a suggestion or two about where and when to find other seafood products, even if we do not carry them. We are at the dock and open for retail customers every day during the shrimping season, and on weekends during the off-season.

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