Dockery's Completes MUSC COVID Back to Business Program

Dockery's Daniel Island | Dockery's Completes MUSC COVID Back to Business Program

Daniel Island restaurant strives to be an example of socially responsible dining

Dockery's is proud to announce their compliance with and participation in the Medical University of South Carolina's (MUSC) COVID Back to Business program. Designed to activate socially responsible practices in all types of businesses, the MUSC program brings epidemiologists and field experts into a place of business and helps them maximize the ability of the business to operate safely to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As part of the MUSC Back to Business program, MUSC professionals not only reviewed Dockery's re-opening plans and floor layouts, but also provided onsite visits to observe the kitchen and service functions and the restaurant workflows. As part of the service, MUSC provided Dockery's with a critical analysis playbook of how to continue to provide safe service solutions as well as how to build upon the practices already in place for their outdoor service model as they reopen the interior of the restaurant.

"Dockery's has been eager to get back to business with integrity and the utmost safety in mind," said Ryan Howard, MUSC's Back to Business Liaison Manager. "Our team worked in collaboration with Dockery's to provide guidelines and suggestions on ways to do this, all of which they have now implemented. It has been a real pleasure working with their team." MUSC will provide continued support for Dockery's by giving them direct access to a support staff member to answer any ongoing questions or to review any updated restaurant practices to ensure the safety of their customers and staff.

Dockery's is dedicated to serving as a local leader in socially responsible dining and to following CDC recommendations for restaurant phased re-openings. "We wanted to reopen and do it safely for our customers and for our team," said Andy McLeod, executive chef at Dockery's. "In order to do that, we knew that we needed outside expertise and MUSC fully supported that effort. We're now confident that we are acting safely as we open the restaurant back up to customers."

Dockery's is now offering takeout and delivery and has limited, socially distanced seating available for lunch and dinner on their large outdoor pavilion or dining room. To enjoy a locally sourced meal and a house-made beer, make your reservations at our reservations page. Reservations are highly recommended at this time due to the limited seating capacity that accompanies safe table spacing.

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